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It has been owner, Ty Fife’s mission since 2015 to create a specific blend of soil that is uniquely designed for Wyoming’s climate. In 2024, he believed that his formula was ready to be made on a commercial scale and delivered to the amazing gardeners of Wyoming.


Our Cowboy Blend is a living soil that is packed full of slow release amendments that will keep your plants happy. This unique blend of almost 20 different ingredients is built to keep your plants fed and nutritionally balanced .

The base ingredients of this mix are coco coir, compost (made locally), and rice hulls. Coco coir is a great growing medium that holds a magnitude of water and nutrients. Compost is also beneficial at holding water and is packed with a balanced blend of nutrients and minerals. Rice Hulls are a renewable amendment that improve drainage, water holding capacity, and aeration.

The compost is made locally out of cow manure, hay, and straw. It is screened, pH balanced, and enriched with key minerals.

Ingredient List


Frequently asked Questions

How much soil do I need?

Soil is sold by the cubic foot or cubic yard. You need to measure the space or container that you want to fill in order to determine how much you need. Once you have your measurements you can use this nifty soil calculator.

Should I fertilize?

This soil mix is loaded with nutrients, but heavier feeding plants will still need some extra nutrition. We recommend not using synthetic fertilizers as they will disturb the natural balance between your soil biology and your plants. Instead, use natural fertilizers such as our Wyoming Compost nutrient blend.

What is “living soil”?

Soil is meant to be alive! Healthy soil will contain billions of microorganisms and fungi. This microbiology is what converts the organic matter in your soil into something that your plants can feed off of. Living soil can help grow healthier plants that will naturally be more resistant to pests and disease.